Adjusting to new ways of learning and living


By Skye-Ali Johnson, Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts

April 2020


Since school closed due to the coronavirus, I have been able to receive my education through virtual classes from home. Richard Wright is using Zoom to teach their classes everyday - I had my full schedule of six classes today from 8:30am-4:30pm.
While I have been able to adjust to this new way of learning, it is still all very new to me. The way the coronavirus has affected my school, my community and the local businesses around me is scaring me.
My mom has to telework because her job has sent everyone home. There is one Chinese carryout in my community that I go to all the time for food - they are clean, safe and a healthy food business but because of the coronavirus, people are extremely afraid to come into his shop and he has had to close his shop down. He was selling all his items for a low price. My mother and I were able to purchase more eggs from him, but we are deeply saddened that this is happening to a local business that we love to go to. It breaks my heart.