Stigma of Seeking Mental Health Care Hurts Traumatized Teens

By Janiya Battle When trauma in the black community is discussed, and its causes and possible cures are talked about in public, a key topic is often left out. That would be mental health issues, the kind that are often caused or made worse by issues including physical and emotional trauma  fatherlessness and sexual assault….


Public transit woes hit low-income families hardest

By Aliya Kaufman-Daniel Transportation woes  – the late buses, the derailed trains, the often-unreliable Metro system, even the crowded streets – are more than an inconvenience for low-income families and those with family members who struggle with mental or physical illness, or a combination of both. It can be the difference between earning money or…

Where Are The  School Nurses?

Where Are The School Nurses?

By Aaron Holland As a parent you think if my child gets sick at school.” Hey there’s no need to worry, my child could just go to the school nurse.” Well you’re wrong, according to the National Association of Schools Nurses only about 39 percent of nurses are employed full time at the schools they’re…

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