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Surviving Trauma: Natural Disasters Leave Mark Years Later on Survivors

BY ANURA SHARMA URBAN HEALTH MEDIA PROJECT MIAMI — Caio Lopes was a high school student in 2005 in Palm Beach County when Hurricane Wilma hammered South Florida on October 24.  The Category 3 storm packed winds of 120 miles per hour when it made landfall in Cape Romano, about 113 miles from Lopes’s...

Surviving Trauma: Students Shine Light on Bigotry in Their High School

BY ALLEGRA COLEMAN URBAN HEALTH MEDIA PROJECT CHICAGO — Their stories were graphic, and numerous.  “I’ve had my butt grabbed, like a full palm… which I’ve witnessed happen to a lot of female students.” “I’ve had people do racist Chinese accents at me while saying racist things. They asked me to do their math...

Surviving Trauma: Trans Sex Worker Advocate Supports Others Facing Trauma

Chose sex trade to support child as she transitioned from being a male teen  BY DIONNA DUNCAN URBAN HEALTH MEDIA PROJECT WASHINGTON, D.C.– At 15, Tamika Spellman got a girl pregnant. Born a boy in Buffalo, N.Y., she’d had a pretty “typical childhood” growing up with her parents, she said. But it was around...

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Latinx Health Care: Lost in Translation

By Lizeth Vela and Samantha Rosengard, Urban Health Media Project  “Cuídate, cuídate, por favor, abuelita; yo puedo ayudarle,” Alicia Cole told the elderly woman in the hospital bed next to her. “Be careful, please, grandma; I can help you.” Cole was in a California hospital recovering from surgical complications and the woman sharing her...

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Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism ConferenceIn June 2020, UHMP students Skye-Ali Johnson and Jada Johnson participated in a virtual conference hosted by the Freedom Forum where they spoke about the role of high school journalists during the pandemic. Media's Perspective on Mental Health during COVID-19On May 27, 2020, Urban Health Media Project co-founder...