Reggie Payne

Reginal “Reggie” Payne II is a senior at Richard Wright School for Journalism and Media Arts who plans to major in music or art in college. As UHMP’s music director, he is developing the music for UHMP’s new podcast series and will be doing illustrations as well as stories for our new magazine and website. He was born in Washington, D.C., but has lived all over the D.C. area. He co-authored an article for USA TODAY on how art and music can be therapy even when it’s not art or music therapy. He also wrote a first-person story published in USA TODAY on how art and music helped him prevail over many personal challenges and his art was featured on USA TODAY’s Instagram account. Favoring creativity over logic, Reggie can be very unorthodox and unconventional in the way he works and thinks. He values happiness and  freedom and tries his best to employ positivity into the environment. At UHMP, he encourages teamwork and friendship and started a sharing circle type of tradition in which instructors, students and interns all share how their week went during meetings. Always ready to funk and roll, Reggie says he is “down for the movement.

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