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LGBTQ myths debunked with science and facts

By Vanessa Falcon, Pamela Rentz and Mary Stapp MYTH: Being gay is a “choice” Americans are evenly split on whether sexual orientation is a choice, or is determined by nature, according to a 2015 Pew Research Center survey, with roughly 40 percent of respondents on either side. But, the percentage of people who believe...

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Pride offers LGBTQ youth opportunities for community

By Adrian Gibbons and Mary Stapp For teenagers, many of whom are not out, Pride month can mean everything. Whether it is a parade where they can watch from the sidelines or the solidarity expressed in rainbow flags posted around their towns, some LGBTQ teens get quiet comfort in knowing the celebration simply exists....

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Pride centers this father-daughter relationship

By Vanessa Falcon and Mary Stapp Eden Ungar, now 19 and a student at University of Kentucky, vividly recalls the day she came out to her father, Stuart. She was a freshman in high school and the two were driving to the gym. She told him she’d be going to the upcoming Louisville Pride...

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New shows moving away from old stereotypes of gay life

By Dillon Lives Ever since the lifestyles of LGBTQIA+ people have become more visible through social media, we have become better represented in movies and shows designed for viewers of all types and ages. This gives young people who are figuring out their sexuality a chance to be seen and heard. But it is...

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Queer youth found creative approaches to self-care during pandemic

By Adrian Gibbons Isolation, whether because of the pandemic, physical or mental health issues, or a combination of those, has affected everyone this year. For LGBTQ youth, already marginalized by society and often lacking support in their own families, it has been especially difficult. A Trevor Project survey conducted at the end of 2020...