Ready or Not (Fugees Remix)

Ready or Not (Fugees Remix)

Lyrics by Courtney Curtis, Bard High School Early College

Music by Reggie Payne, University of the District of Columbia

February 2020


I got a tendency of telling myself that I’m worthless

Call it trauma or depression I’m not really certain 

'Cause every other day, I’m feeling like the best

Above the rest, and then it all fall down and I see that I'm hurting 

And that’s the whole kill — I’m saying I but I don't know who I am for real

And that’s a big deal

So don’t be like me, live your life with no regrets or uncertainty 

'Cause if only I knew for certain 

Why I’m doing all this hurting 

I’m feeling without a purpose 

My life man I don’t deserve it

But imma always go and fake a smile

'Cause they ain’t built for this — can’t even walk a mile

Imma show 'em this set back ain’t the end of me

And how I’ll never change by the fake people befriending me

They acting like my enemy — keep putting me down

And in reality it hurt but swear they won’t see me frown

'Cause it don’t matter if you ready or not 

It don’t, it don’t matter

It don’t, it don’t matter