Our Students

Our students attend high schools in Washington, D.C. and Baltimore and were joined by interns from Howard and Morgan State Universities as well as UHMP alumni who were rising freshman from New York University and Syracuse University. Soon, they will be working with students in other cities around the U.S., as well as globally on a youth mental health documentary.

Our Latest Projects

UHMP Class of 2019

Amora Campbell
Amora Campbell, a sophomore at Richard Wright School of Journalism and Media Arts, wants to be a scientist or cultural anthropologist. She would like to work in the Peace Corps or for the United Nations...

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Davon Harris
Davon Harris is a senior at Richard Wright Public Charter School. He currently holds the title as President of the general student body’s his school. He holds a cumulative GPA of a 3.7...

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Isabel Fajardo
Isabel Fajardo, is a senior at Emerson Preparatory School in Washington, D.C. She has a variety of interests, particularly journalism, media, drama, and social justice...

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Erin Burnett

Erin Burnett is a junior at Mercy High School in Baltimore. She has been a Fellow in the Urban Health Media project since its inception and has been published in USA TODAY.

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Courtney Curtis

Courtney Curtis is a 10th grade student at Richard Wright School for Journalism and Media Arts in Washington, D.C. Growing up with an interest in writing and a passion for the creation of music, she aspires to be a multimedia journalist and a music producer...

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Khadejah Cox

Khadejah Cox is a senior at Richard Wright School for Journalism and Media Arts in Washington, D.C. She typically finds enjoyment in a little bit of everything; Journalism, editing, story writing, dance, child care, but overall acting/theater...

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Louis Steptoe

Louis Steptoe is a graduate from Archbishop Carroll high school.I participated in the IB program while attending.While in high school I achieved multiple achievements such as having a football award in my honor, receiving a award for lobbying at DC Council and Capitol Hill...

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