Why does love hurt?

Why does love hurt?

Poem by Princyana Hudson, Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts

Artwork by Reggie Payne, University of the District of Columbia

Intimate partner violence is a growing issue affecting more young people. In this poem, we see into the fear, pain and complex relationship of a couple in crisis. Our protagonist stays with her abuser and threatens to kill him. But, does she? Or is that all in her mind?

Staring into those dark holes you call eyes
I can’t seem to find a glisten of hope
I used to see how much you loved me
You are oblivious to my pleads and my cries of pain
Almost as if you can’t hear me
And when it’s over I cry but I forgive you
I love you

Your lips burn against mine
And we create a fire with our love
Yet I can’t help but remember the pain from your fists
They notice and they say get help
I tell them they don’t understand and how much we love each other
I can’t leave you

You say you reciprocate these feelings.
I don’t think that’s the right word.. You recoil but you can’t really recoil feelings
Trying your ever so hardest to prove it
I’m yours and only yours you’ve made that clear
I know you “didn’t mean to hurt me.”

I know you “love me”
They just don’t understand
Deep down you're okay
But I understand, I'm here for you.
After all I love you
Love overpowers anger does it not?
The hits hurt --- o
They leave me crying, weak

And you cry too
You don’t like to hurt me
Yet you still do
People look at me funny because they don’t understand
They never understand
We belong together
I crave your touch no matter how bad it hurts
You always say it won’t happen again
I’ve stopped believing that lie
I start to wonder what kind of love is this ?
Why does this love hurt so much

But you'll be with me forever because after all you love me right?
So don't worry.
Even though my eternity is spent in this hell
Filled with eternal screaming and pain
I'll be back for you
Just to make sure you enjoy this experience right along with me.
So don't go to sleep does this mean you kill him?
You won’t wake up.
And I keep my word
Unlike you
So hopefully next time you'll think
Before you waste your life hurting someone who really loves you.